Club Zamana was founded in 1982 as the first organization for South Asian undergraduate students at Columbia University. Committed to bringing together South Asian students across national and religious lines, Club Zamana was among the first South Asian student organizations in America to offer an inclusive and unifying space to its members. Translating to “era,” our name reflects our commitment to fostering community, transcending barriers, and celebrating South Asian culture across all time.
Beginning with an “East Meets West” event in the old Ferris Booth Hall in the spring of 1982, Club Zamana now organizes a number of events each year, with some attracting over 700 attendees. From political discussions to holiday celebrations, our events welcome all those interested in celebrating South Asian culture. We cap off each year with Tamasha, a cultural showcase in Roone Arledge Auditorium that features performances from competitive dance teams, musical ensembles, dances by each class year.
While Club Zamana was the only club for South Asian undergraduates at the time of its founding, Columbia is now home to over a dozen political, cultural, and religious organizations that serve our community. Club Zamana is proud to serve as the umbrella organization for the Columbia South Asian community, connecting students in various clubs and supporting their diverse set of missions. Our foremost goal is to provide a home to any South Asian student at Columbia. Welcome to Club Zamana!

History and Mission